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29 Nov 2021

Business Nuggets for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and you are just starting out, whether you've honed your craft/idea/model or you're just beginning, there are so many things to learn, but the journey to business success and financial freedom always revolve around some basics concepts.

Here are few important concepts I have learned from listening to BIG entrepreneurs who started small, about finance and marketing:

1. Building a big ever steady flow of passive income is one of the greatest singular most important thing you need to build as regards making money.

2. Inject stories and sell your products to appeal to the emotions of your customers.
Facts tell, Stories sell.

3. When dealing with value and premium, create an extra super expensive premium option to afford you the ease of selling your current expensive option. However, do not make options too many.

4. Think big. Don't let the deception of passion or what you love make you settle for less. Think in investment and mega business- these 2 breed passive income rather than settle for self-employment and paid work.

5. Avoid flaunting your strengths. Let people know what you can do and the kind of person you could be, but don't flaunt about yourself when you're only still growing.

6. Cashflow must always be there! Always! Build as many channels of income as you can.
Your income CAN'T be income to just survive! Erase that possibility from your options of possibilities!

7. The most successful people don't know everything. They simply know what they know and what they don't know. Then they leverage on those who know what they don't know.

These are a few points out of many and one is bound to learn a lot more as you continue 'on the job' and learn, but I am sure you would have picked up some salient points here.

Hope you got them?
What do you think?

30 Oct 2021

Tech and You

"Technology" (Tech) is not an uncommon word in the world of today.

The wonders of technology surrounds us.

It's everything in between you and the person sitting in front of you.

It's in our homes, at work, at the movies... It's what you wear, it's what you see and listen through.

Most people will commonly refer to coding, computer software and hardware, AI, and related subjects as the main tenets in technology.

While that holds true to some extent, technology is actually is a very broad term that goes beyond just "the nerd that sits in front of a computer screen all day" or "the guy that bores us on YouTube with smartphone reviews". It goes beyond the confines of computers and machines, though largely built on the function of computers.

Technology is an intellectual and social construct. In fact the dictionary calls it 'The organization of knowledge for practical purposes'.

The likely reason why Technology is attached to computers and machines is because in the world of today, computers and related subjects form a big chunk of that knowledge that helps us to do practical things.

Just like a machine helps us to do work, Technology helps us to utilize various resources to achieve practical results in our everyday lives. It permeates all aspects of our lives. Everybody actively engages in technology one way or the other, either as a consumer or a developer.

But you would be making a BIG mistake to assume or even think that technology is just about the computers.

Let me show you an illustration.

In construction, building a Fibre-reinforced twin flyover across a very busy road would probably involve some important tech analysis in the construction of it. But the actual technology is in the thought process behind building that flyover bridge- relieving traffic burden on the busy road. Perhaps the bridge also connects 2 economically important locations, that aids productivity. The thought process... that is Technology. The results are the products and wonders of Technology we see.

Imagine building a flyover across a lonely road. A crossroad junction would probably have worked better since the burden would not be significant enough to warrant building a flyover.

While this might not be a perfect example, you see that the conceptualization of ideas and organization of thought processes will be important to reasonably develop a practical concept. A civil engineer would not usually not think of the economic benefits of building a particular bridge. A financial analyst would not think through the structural challenges of building a twin bridge. A computer engineer would probably only be concerned about how to develop software that would work for simulating workable models for the proposed bridge.

This is why social intelligence and pretty much every kind of intelligence is very important in developing ideas in technology. A software developer is not the most important professional factor in developing a smartphone app that helps you not to procrastinate. An expert in time management would likely be the brains behind the app. He would likely dictate the execution route for the software developer.

When you think about technology as computer knowledge, you really restrict yourself and deprive yourself of participating in the world of Technology. The computer gurus are as important as the social media manager, the concept curators, the PR, the financial expert, the doctor, the lawyer, the psychologist, the linguist, the musician.

So engage yourself, find opportunities for yourself in the world of today.

It takes bringing out your smartphone and typing a few words on google search.

It takes developing a problem-solving mind.

It takes doing well at what you know best, because the world would really need your input.

It takes positive energy from you!

A technological concept is only as good as the brains behind developing its totality.

Did you get that?

What do you think? Make your comments in the comment section below.

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Well said
This is a good and insightful read. Like yoy truly said, tech goes beyond sitting by operating computers... It is the very fabric of everything in our world today. Let's read more of this from you @Daytad.
David Robert
Insightful post

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