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Is Africa's Future in Tech?

The buzz of technology is much louder today than it has ever been. It is not likely to change because so many things in the world today are heavily based off technology.
Technology in Africa has been a breakout point for the continent especially for the youths in Africa.
There are so many possibilities with the world of internet and innovation today.

Will this tech avenue be our saving grace for Africa in the Future?
What do you think?

Panasonic Boom Microphone | Unboxing Review | Sound Test

Getting a professional sound for your video, podcasts or other audio works can be challenging when on a tight budget.
This is a microphone that is known to be affordable for creators, but can it hold up with acceptable standards for professional audio today?

Find out in this video.

BEFORE You Buy A Laptop, Watch this!

Many times people are at loss of what to look out for when buying a laptop(system).

Buying a new laptop does not have to be difficult at all if you understand how well it fits into your space and this applies to most devices.

In this video, 5 things to look out for when Buying a laptop are discussed. These points will help form a wholistic perspective to buying a laptop and pretty much any device.

If you enjoyed this video, watch the follow-up video after this below, where more details are discussed!

Laptop Buying Guide in 2021/2022

Buying a Laptop or a Computer in today's world gives you a lot of options to choose from.
Since devices and gadgets are a very part of our everyday lives, it becomes important to be armed with the necessary knowledge to be able to make an informed decision in acquiring one.

My Ears and Earpieces

Earpieces, under different names(earphones, headphones, earpods, earbuds, airpods) are a very integral part of our everyday lives.

Most people all over the world, even those with little affliation with technology, have one reason or the other to use Earpieces regularly.

In this video, we discuss the Health Implications of using Earpieces. We also look into some things we should know about safe usage of Earpieces and demonstrate things we should consider when choosing one.

This video is brought to you by Daytad Medicine.

Setting Up Surround Sound in Your Home

What is Surround sound and how can you setup Surround sound in your home with your home theater speakers? Find out all you need to know to make surround work in your home or space.

LG Home Theater On A Budget

This is a review of a LG HT358SD Home Theater with 5.1. Surround System speakers at 300 Watts power rating.

- DVD system
- USB features for movies, music, photos etc
- Bluetooth
- FM Radio Tuner
- Deep bass sound and clear audio quality
- Integrated advanced audio technology with 5.1 surround technology
- 5 x Speakers
- 1 x Woofer
- 1 x DVD player
- Power output: 300 watts
- 2 years Pan African Warranty

Speed Up Your Android With This Old Trick

Have you tried optimising your Android phone Speed using all the tips and tricks available to you, but still feel a need for a snappy touch of Speed?

This video shows you how to speed up your phone by tweaking animation and transition speeds on your phone.
This is an old method, but it visibly works, especially now that many phones make use of a lot animations.