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If you are an entrepreneur and you are just starting out, whether you've honed your craft/idea/model or you're just beginning, there are so many things to learn, but the journey to business success and financial freedom always revolve around some basics concepts.

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FAQ: What is the Web 3?

If you are new to the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency, this is for you.

The talk buzz about Web 3.0 is on the rise as blockchain technology becomes more established in today's world.

In this video, the Web 3.0 is explored in the context of the evolution of the internet and how it affects everyone.

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"The Web 3 Explained"

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  Daytad is a brand in Africa, that aims to create and promote value through music, content production, business and innovation opportunities and technology.

Daytad started as a music brand name, with prospects for running as a Music House and a Record Label. Over time Daytad has diversified. Daytad runs in 3 arms through which content is made and value creation is achieved.

 Daytad Business/Tech is an enterprise and content hub where everyday technology is explored. The business part deals in commercial audio/visual content production, online business portals, technology and sales.

Daytad Medicine is a hub for bridging the gap in healthcare service provision through content education and innovative technology for Africa. 

Daytad Music is a Music House/Record Label known for production of themed instrumental music, live music, music education and advocacy.  


The Daytad brand is a dynamic one, ready to latch on opportunities and partnerships.

 Do explore our content and share!  

Tech and Business

Medicine and Tech


The Art in Music...

One of the greatest unique things about music is the fact that we can say so much though it and reflect our stories, nature, society, culture and life through its lens.

Music becomes art, tangible with real form, like every other form of art and poetry. Themes and stories can be expressed with beautiful music!

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