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  Daytad is a brand in Africa, that aims to create and promote value through music, content production, business and innovation opportunities and technology.

Daytad started as a music brand name, with prospects for running as a Music House and a Record Label. Over time Daytad has diversified. Daytad runs in 3 arms through which content is made and value creation is achieved.

 Daytad Business/Tech is an enterprise and content hub where everyday technology is explored. The business part deals in commercial audio/visual content production, online business portals, technology and sales.

Daytad Medicine is a hub for bridging the gap in healthcare service provision through content education and innovative technology for Africa. 

Daytad Music is a Music House/Record Label known for production of themed instrumental music, live music, music education and advocacy.  


The Daytad brand is a dynamic one, ready to latch on opportunities and partnerships.

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