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One of the greatest unique things about music is the fact that we can say so much though it and reflect our stories, nature, society, culture and life through its lens.

Music becomes art, tangible with real form, like every other form of art and poetry. Themes and stories can be expressed with beautiful music!

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22 Sep 2021

The Musician's Power

There are so many forms of communication in the world today. Language is a fundamental one. However, language is so diversified. Communication becomes a problem when various people from various parts of the world come together.

But then, there is one form of communication that transcends this barrier, especially when it comes to perception. And that is Music!

Music remains the only universal language that transcends the barrier of understanding. There are so many kinds of music, with various cultural and individual influences. But one thing is central to all- anyone can enjoy music, regardless of where it comes from.

Though there may be the lyrical language barrier to understanding the idea passed across through music, you can always flow with the vibe of a musical piece. This alone makes music so beautiful.

Music in one of the few things that can communicate with you, regardless of your permission. You don't need to convince yourself to nod your head to the groovy afrobeat music your neighbour plays every morning. It 'controls' you without you even thinking about it.

This alone makes it a very useful vehicle for passing lyrical information.

Have you ever really thought about the lyrics of the songs you listen to? You might find out that they do not really reflect what you think about the subjects they address.

Herein lies some of the powers of a musician... Not only can he make music that makes you involuntarily shake your body, he can also make you say the stuff he puts into the music. All he needs is the right beat and the right combination of sounds.

So what really matters? The words or The music?

Well, both matter a lot. There is a lot of literature out there, both in social sciences and religious sciences that show the possible effects of music on our behaviour, from the lyrical and genre perspective.

We probably become subject to the influences of what we listen to if we listen and get engaged in the music enough times. A musician can make you say soothing stuff, but he can also make you cuss... it all lies in how well he engineers the sounds to give you 'eargasms'.

And that is why music, to some extent, can probably influence your person. It's the same way you keep taking soda because of it's sweet taste and forget about it's contribution to weight gain.

The musician could be a good man, but he could be something else with his music.

What do you think?

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